I got another Target item! :) I got this ink pad, I was so excited that I found one!

20151020_141543 20151020_141746

I soon as I opened it, I felt a little disappointed.

I first noticed that on this stamp, not all parts was a stamp, there is 12 sections, 8 has a design, 4 sections are blank. Secondly, the stamps alternate the text, upside down and rightside up, so depending on the design you need to flip the stamp and make sure the text is not upside down. Thirdly the stamp itself isn’t perfect, the text is very small (not a flaw), that it gets ink all over the whole stamp, making you have to wipe the ink off around the stamp. And the biggest flaw (photographed on the right), the “with love” stamp, the T in with isn’t crossed.

Even though this is a dollar spot item ($3 to be exact), I feel like it was disappointing. Even if it’s inexpensive you still expect 100% out of an item.


I had a nice sweet snack~ Manju and sweetened green tea!



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