my bed

IMG_20151018_101410 IMG_20151018_101428 IMG_20151018_101715

Clover sneakily went on my bed, he looked so cute, and my camera was being good and made the pictures magically perfect. It made my bed looked like a dream!


– planner –
:c Oscar Valentino jumped out of his tank on monday, he was looking fine throughout the week. He went belly up on Thursday night, and finally died in the morning on Friday. Since we couldn’t give it a proper flushing (since he was about 5+ inches), my dad literally threw him out (in the trash)!

(Despite the jokes) We were all really shaken up about the oscar jumping out of his tank, we were all worried that he wouldn’t live. Mostly I’m bummed out that we haven’t even had him for a year. Hopefully we can try again next time!

Anyway back to the planner, I am trying to do a halloween theme this month. This week I used the Sentimental Circus stickers, that has been sitting in my sticker box for awhile now!!



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