Late last night we went to Taj! :) I got a Rilakkuma memo pad, I couldn’t resist it! I love this stitched fluffy theme, I seriously need to stop buying these note books!


20151013_113734 IMG_20151013_115453 IMG_20151013_120342

For Brunch we went to Makino Chaya’s! Mmmm, was it good?! There was so much food, it was very fun and delicious… maybe even glorious! heh. :p The soft serve was so good the flavor was watermelon~

IMG_20151013_222659 IMG_20151013_225022

Later in the day we went to Kahala to meet up with our other relatives! I got my sister this cute quick good luck planter, I couldn’t not get this for her Christmas gift, but she knows, and she’s going to use it! But its so her!

I also got some washi tape stickers from Sanrio! I am so inlove! :) I can’t wait to use them on a special day! :)



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