noble, my love… planner

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 4.06.43 PM Noble, My Love

Noble, My Love
Lee Kang Hoon (Sung Hoon) may be the head of one of the world’s largest companies, but he’s still got a thing or two to learn about people. After his narrow escape from a kidnapping scheme, Kang Hoon gets a crash course in compassion when he finds safe harbor with a sweet veterinarian named Yoon Seo (Kim Jae Kyung). But is the cold CEO capable of recognizing what true warmth and kindness is? (Drama Fever)

What I Liked?
I liked the casting, I thought it was amazing that the comic drawings are 100% perfect to the live action. From the appearance, clothes and to the shoes, everything resembles the comic.

What I didn’t like?
I didn’t like the personality of the main lead guy. He was too difficult to watch, and at points in the drama I felt angry and annoyed.


– planner –
Bento theme~ I love these stickers so cute, rice balls, tamago (egg) roll, octopus hotdogs and fish cakes! :) I love how it matched my patterned blue washi tape so well! 



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