Goodbye September


– monthly view –
Mofutans Mochi Bunny themed~ I love that I finally got to use these stickers! This month we watched a lot of movies and tv shows! Best highlight of the month was definitely getting the new Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game! :)


I wanted to incorporate the Animal Crossing amiibo cards in somehow, but it was just so big! I used my trusty hole puncher! I love how I can add more to these collages! :)

Plus I was having way too much fun with my instax printer~ I tried printing out some art from line deco app in the wallpapers section – the top left bear design is by the artist SECOND. Hopefully you can find it, he/she draws the cutest~!


:c My picture of Clover got so much glare~ opps! Just a few bits and bobs! :p



2 thoughts on “Goodbye September

  1. YvoCaro says:

    Loved your overview for September! As you had no doubt seen I’m into collecting the Amiibo cards too, but my daughter is also busy making her own year planner for school in all kinds of creative ways. I’ll certainly show her your pictures!

    • emi g says:

      :) Yes, I can’t resist those cards, so so cute. I hope they incorporate these cards in other animal crossing games! :)

      I hope she gets some ideas, that so exciting that she is creating a planner! :)

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