fear the walking dead!


Got this cute Rilakkuma letter! I seriously love this stationery, it’s so light and nature-y! I really wished that this theme came out with stickers or notepads! 

20150922_114830 IMG_20150922_124302

I got to hang out with A! It’s been so long, maybe a month or so! We chatted for a bit, then had a quick brunch! She decided on acai bowls! I didn’t mind it was so hot, too hot!! After that we shopped for a bit, I was supposed to find a birthday gift for R, but instead I found gifts for Sbear (sister), and it’s crazy early to be looking for Christmas gifts!

After the shopping we went back to Kulu Kulu to try their new green tea donut, oh, is it amazing. Best baked donut I’ve eaten!


I got myself a treat! I wanted a salmon (colored) solid washi tape for awhile now! I finally got one! Why do I like washi tape so much. Please stop buying them!! :c


When we came home our post its came in the mail! I couldn’t believe all of them arrived at the same time! I love my set, everyone got a slightly different variation! :) Hopefully I won’t be tempted to open them all, because I do want to use some of them as gift stuffers! :)


My dad wanted us to try Fear The Walking Dead! It’s the prequel~ I like it so far, a bit gory, but not super disturbing. I just can’t understand how much Nick (Frank Dillane) looks like a young Johnny Depp, every single time I watch a episode, I keep thinking how awesome it would be if he played Johnny Depp’s son, or Johnny Depp’s younger self.



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