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Today the dogs got to go to the groomers! As always we went to see Nanako at the Beauty Salon for Doggies! While waiting for the dogs to finish up we got to go to Morning Glory! :) Me and my sister both haven’t been there in ages!

I got this super cute Snow White sticker sheet, and two pens! :) I love this super cute Baymax pen so much! <3

IMG_20150912_201906 IMG_20150912_201922

After all of our errands, we picked up the dogs and they were were super pooped! Clover was groggy the whole way and Basil was being, well Basil (a bit crazy)! We were wondering what the theme would be for this month, maybe a little Autumn like~ :) It was beach themed, we both loved it!

IMG_20150912_201955 IMG_20150912_202031

Basil has so much more personality, she’s too adorable!



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