There was so much traffic because of the storm. My mom and sister took about two and a half hours to come home! But it was ok, since my dad took awhile to finish cooking my BBQ dinner, we got to rest and relax before they came home!

As soon as they came home we quickly ate and opened gifts! I wasn’t expecting my since I told my parents exactly what I wanted! To my mom I asked for a Rilakkuma stationary set and to my dad I asked for a Swiffer Wet Jet! :p

20150827_185338 20150827_194400

The loot!

20150827_211748 20150827_211946 20150827_212042

My mom is so funny because I seriously thought she didn’t buy my gifts! I kept hustling her! She ended up giving me two gifts~ :) ! I’m so proud of her because she never buys anyone a gift!

IMG_20150710_180645 20150827_212214

I actually got this Swiffer a while ago, because there was an awesome deal at Target! I am enjoying it alot! But he also surprised me with one-ton chips (a Hilo made, wonton wrapper chip, a salad topper) and this super cool Conair True Glow Sonic Skincare kit! It’s so cute and pink!

20150827_211437 20150827_211457

I was so excited to open my Rilakkuma Panda blind box! I was so happy that I got the one I wanted, I was so worried that I was going to get Kiiroitori (the yellow bird)! And I almost died when I saw the Fujifilm Instax printer! I really wanted to save money to buy it, for a while now! I never got the chance!


After that we had cake! :) My sister was so bummed out because the cake couldn’t keep up during the one hour wait at the mall and the reminding two and a half hours in traffic! It completely melted. But I was so happy and the cake was so yummy! I love the little chocolate message, ‘Happy Birthday Eeps!’

My dad also got some green tea mochi from Bubbies!


After that we went in the room and she surprised me with 3 more gifts! Film for the pinter and this super duper cute cellphone case for my new Samsung Galaxy s6! I 100% love it, especially since I was bummed out that I couldn’t find one at any place I checked out!

IMG_20150822_152402 IMG_20150822_152413

I finally got to open my presents from R&C!

R’s is on the left side, she got me the coolest washi tape dispenser! I can’t wait to put  my favorite washi tapes on it! The super cutest display shelf, in the shape of a house! And some super cute binder clips!

C’s is on right, and she got me a super cool sewing kit, a cute bear mug and some super adorable fabric bracelets!




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