20150827_101743 IMG_20150826_175309

After Meals on Wheels I got to hang out in town! :) While my sister went to a hair class, I went shopping around in the area! There was a TJ Maxx near by and I knew that I wanted to shop around for a new cell phone case and for some dog waste bag rolls!

I wandered near the clothes and I found the most comfortable dress (well dress for me, top for most)! It was $14.99, I always get surprised when I shop for clothing here! And also some very classily designed doggie bags for $5!

After that I went to Lin’s to study~ it was much needed, I’m so backed up on my church notes it’s too crazy. Especially if my sister wants to learn Korean with me! I took about an hour or so at Lin’s and I left to walk around at Ward.

IMG_20150826_175259 IMG_20150826_175204

I went to Hakubundo and I thought, I haven’t bought any washi tapes for awhile so I decided to pick up the tape that I’ve been eyeing out for along time now! After purchasing this tape, my sister was finished and ready to meet up! She surprised me with these super cute cosmetic cases!


After that we went to all our usual stops! And had some yummy bento’s at Shirokiya! I got a tempura bento and my sister got cone sushi and zucchini jun! It was so good! I was glad to get real food instead of our usual potato bomb at burg!



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