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Today I got to hang out with R&C! To celebrate, C just coming back home from Paris and my early birthday celebration! We decided to go to Genki Sushi~ I even got to see R’s baby, baby G! :) She so cute!!

After our lunch we got shaved ice at Waiola Shave ice, it was both their first time there! Waiola is the best shaved ice place in Oahu! It really is so soft! C got li hing mui with pog, R got li hing mui with lychee and I got green tea! :) It was so good and well worth the $3!

IMG_20150822_130248 IMG_20150822_130320

They also got me gifts! I’m trying so hard not to sneak a peak! It’s so hard, but only 5 more days, less than a week! Come faster!

IMG_20150822_134246  IMG_20150824_113135

R gave both me and C a super cute instax photo frame! It was seriously the cutest thing I ever got! I’m leaving it on my computer near my computer, I hope this thing lasts forever!


I made pizza again for dinner, it was so good! I hope we can have this again soon!

My dad suckered us into watching 2 movies.


Flight World War II

Flight 42 was on its way, when it comes across an unidentifiable storm. Realizing they must go through, find themselves in France, 1940, World war II. A young soldier (Robbie Kay) tells them they are in the middle of a war zone. Dodging bullets and bombs the flight will attempt to make it back to modern day, without changing history too much. (IMDb|emilyh9817)

I liked the concept of this particular time travel movie, it was very different the most time travel movies. It was dramatised, but the acting was pretty good! Overall, ok movie, I don’t think I would watch this again, and I don’t think I would recommend it.


Patch Town
★☆☆☆☆ (1.5/5)

Patch Town, is a world that babies are born from cabbages, they are plucked out and turned into dolls. A factory worker Jon is becomes aware of his surroundings and figures out the secrets, that he goes searching for.

I liked the filmography. The storyline was very creepy and a little too weird for my taste. I feel like they could have cut the singing/musical parts out, I felt it was too similar to a Tim Burton film, and it made the movie cheesy and too copied. Overall, the movie was ok, I wouldn’t watch this again and I wouldn’t recommend it.




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