harley quinn


I finally finished up my sister’s Harley Quinn costume for Comic Con! A few weeks ago she bought the top from hot topic! I just made the neck piece, now I have to finish her stockings and she is ready to go! :)


A Divorce Lawyer in Love

Go Cheok Hee is a lawyer and had her own firm, she will and do anything to win a case, even if it means breaking a few rules. So Jun Woo her office manager, was misunderstood by Cheok Hee and led them to an extremely rocky situation.

Because Cheok Hee made a huge mistake she gets her license suspended, and to make matters worse, she has to work under Jun Woo. Will she be able to win over Jun Woo, or will Jun Woo get the revenge he always wanted?

There was two untold stories in the drama, I loved how it how mysterious it was. But, I feel like the storyline couldn’t support the mysteries, the drama some how fell flat for me. Maybe they dragged it for too long, or how they revealed it – I’m  not sure.

Overall the drama was predictable.


I made bibim-udon for dinner, it was ok… I always try cooking and somehow the flavor falls flat. But it made a cool vibrant picture! :p

IMG_20150720_210100 IMG_20150720_204429

The dogs were so tired, but wanted to stay up late with us! :p



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