Dragon’s Loyalty Award

A few days ago I was nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, from A Lady and Gaming. I was so excited to see another one of these Award tags, not only does it make me feel happy to be nominated, but knowing people read this blog is still mind blowing to me! As I felt with the Versatile Blogger award, I still hardly read blogs here on wordpress, and I assume that I need to recommend 15 bloggers here, but I will only recommend the hand full of wordpress blogs that I love and that I try to read daily! :)

A Lady and Gaming
Seriously one of my favorite blogs! Her blog covers everything about games and gaming! Nintendo, PS Vista, iSO and so much more! She gives so much information on games new or old! So many times, I get excited because all of the content that she produces is new to me! :) Please check her blog out especially if you are interested in gaming!

The rules of the Dragon’s Loyalty Award are that I get to tell you 7 things about myself that I haven’t already shared with you, and I get to nominate other bloggers for this award.

7 Facts about me!
➀  I love coffee, if I wasn’t lazy I would make coffee everyday – multiple times a day.
➁ I haven’t eaten a hamburger or meat products from any fast food chain in about 5 years or so!
➂ I secretly love Basil, my second dog that I always tease! :p
➃ I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to perfection. For example, I like to take the notes from church and rewrite them in to a notebook… but I can literally write and rewrite several times and still not like it until I’m left with a super skinny notebook and it doesn’t phase me. I probably could use the whole notebook and still want to rewrite it. Same goes for sketch books and organizing. Is it OCD? Lol.
➄ Sometimes I imagine life with out Clover (because he’s getting so old) to a point where I make myself cry, I hope this day doesn’t come until 100 more years! :c
➅ I am extremely clumsy! I probably fall or hurt myself at least 2 or 3 times a month.
➆ I get really obsessed with things, I needed to have it one day and then I tend to forget it ever existed the next.

Hand full of favorite WordPress bloggers:
the eager reviewer – a blog reviewing movies and books!! It’s a great blog since movies are so expensive its a good way to see an opinion before watching the movie! As far as I know, she hasn’t spoiled a movie, she never has told the whole story and thats what I like! :)
devalayermail – an amazing blog about snail mail! :) Looking at the letters she sends makes you melt, how cute can a letter be?! :) I love seeing what she sends out and what she receives, some of the things are just so cool especially if its around the world! :)
Jumpy Jess – an adorable blog about planners, snail mail and of course cute stuff! She has a to-die-for washi tape collection! And almost always has a video attached to each blog with super clear pictures of these cute items! :)
cotton the maltese – a dog blog about dog treats, food and toys! :) I love to get new ideas and I loved making the yummy but very easy treats that my dogs love!



3 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. YvoCaro says:

    Thanks! It’s always such fun to read more about the people you follow. By the way, I love coffee too, and I’m afraid that on a working day, I have way too many cups…

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