dad’s day!

We started our father’s day celebrations, by opening presents! :) No matter what, Christmas, my birthday, anyones birthday – I always wake up my sister and parents and make them open gifts, the joy of gifts makes me so excited!!!

My dad seemed happy, out of all the presents he liked the ‘life is good’ t-shirt, then the vintage oil can – coin bank and lastly the fish tank stuff! -_-

IMG_20150620_123530 IMG_20150620_123903

My sister wanted to try out Magnolia ice cream’s Thai tea flavor this whole week! :) We finally got to go~ unfortunately they were out of the flavor she wanted so we both got green tea and my mom tried a flavor called cheese and corn! :o

It was ok, the ice cream is very heavy and extremely creamy (even heavier than gelato) the green tea flavor didn’t have any bitterness. It was hard to spot out the flavor since the ice cream itself had a cheesy richness to it. My mom’s ice cream was interesting but, better than mine because in the end my ice cream tasted like cheesy green tea, so cheesy cheese and corn isn’t so scary if the ice cream tastes like cheese? Lol, I’m rambling.

IMG_20150620_125617 IMG_20150620_125938 IMG_20150620_130011

Our post-its came in! :) It was so exciting because they were supposed to come in at the end of the month of July! :) I love these! We all split up the post its and go the ones we liked most!


After that Gmon’s got bought us food~ My mom, dad and gmon’s got Chinese food from a new place in our area called Honolulu Kitchen, and me and my sister had Ohana’s Inn, Korean food! :) We both got the yummiest mondoo! :)



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