bye kitten

:c The cat got let go, but that’s ok! Me and my dad saw the other baby kittens with their mother. If I knew the mom never abandoned the kittens I would have never caught the kittens! :s G’mon kept saying that the kittens were crying for a few weeks now, so I thought they were abandoned. Hopefully the cat we caught got reunited with his/her mom and siblings!

Today we helped a relative clean out her house, we have been taking loads of things and sorting them out at our house, deciding what is to keep, what is to dump, or donate. My dad also had to shred boxes of ‘important information’ papers.

IMG_20150619_163831 IMG_20150619_163907

But Emi, my relative that we helped packed things in boxes for us that was things that we had interested in! My dad got lots of unused cook wear and I got a lot of sewing things and unused fabric. I thought these things in particular was cool! Vintage thread spools and how they sold ribbon attachments with a metal clamp! Also the packaging on the pompom maker and buckle kit!


She had also given me her 2003 New Home – Janome sewing machine! It’s much smoother and softer then my heavy duty Singer! :p I can’t wait to sew my first project on it!



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