hi little cat, ivory.


The little cat that we caught is super aggressive, :c we even fed it, I don’t know if we will be able to help it find a home… We either have to let it go or drop it off at the humane society? I hope he/she warms up to us! I know this picture doesn’t do it justice, but he/she has the prettiest blue eyes that I ever seen on a cat!


We went to Walmart, I got this donkey tail succulent! :) It’s so cute I hope it grows big!


Let’s Eat Season 2

Koo Dae Young, former ‘insurance king,’ and famous food blogger, moves to a new area. He meets his new neighbors and people around the neighborhood. Baek Soo Ji, a freelance writer who eats once a day, who was his elementary classmate. Hwang Hye Rim a college student that works at the connivance store around the corner, she lures men with her beauty. A mystery starts when, landlord, Kim Mi Ran, and Lee Jeom Yi an elder from the first floor, act suspicious about the roof.

Thought the drama it focuses on Dae Young, and his daily life, the foods he eats and the people he meets. Will Dae Young just be another fish in Hye Rim’s Fish tank? Or will he be crowned the insurance king this time around?

What I liked?
I liked that they showed a little bit of the first season cast in the beginning, kind of showing what had happened, though they left everything to a secret. I also liked that they storyline was similar and the foods looked delicious. I also liked this cast much more then the first season, they seemed more close and it made it more realistic.

What I didn’t like?
The mystery part of this drama was a little stale, it wasn’t as thrilling and mysterious as the first season!



3 thoughts on “hi little cat, ivory.

    • emi g says:

      The day after we let her go, because her mom and all her siblings were walking on our side walk, I would like hope she ended up with her family, but I cannot say if she did! If I knew the kittens weren’t abandoned I would have never touched them!!

      I really wished that we could have kept her safe and found her a nice home, or took her to the humane society, but she was too aggressive and me and my family all thought it was a great decision!

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