cutie bear!

IMG_20150605_152422 IMG_20150605_153832

Made another bear toy for Clover, Basil was so jealous, but in the end it’s her bear toy! :) She already chewed of its eyes!


And I really focused and made a cute bear for myself! :) I really like this one, I can’t wait to get more fuzzy socks and make more!!


The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls are about a young orphand boy, Eggs, who was raised by the infamous, trash collecting Boxtrolls. Eggs, tries hard to fight for and save the Boxtrolls from an evil exterminator, Archibald Snatcher who is obsessed about getting the ‘in’ with the upper class, the ‘white hats’! Will Egg’s exterminate the exterminator?!

What I liked:
There was so much learning lessons and morals! I also appreciated that this film was a ‘stop-motion’ it’s a lot of work, millions and millions of frames (pictures)! It’s amazing, to say the characters gives such realistic emotions, the fact that its a stop motion its, mind-blowing!



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