long time no see!

IMG_20150525_073950 IMG_20150524_150530

Today I got to hang out with A! :) It’s been so long since we last met! I got there a few minutes earlier then she did, I got to do a little bible stuff and drink my yummy coffee! We both set aside some goodies/hand me downs for each other! :p She gave me this super cute notebooks which I really needed since I wanted to start doing a bible journal! :)

We talked for the first hour and a half~ Then we quickly got some acai bowls from Blue Hawaii Cafe! Yum~ And then we talked again for another half hour! :p


After that we did some shopping and walked to ward~ I got some cute stickers at Taj Clubhouse! :( It was sad that we hung out shorter then normal, but it was fun, and also I think my feet would have died if we walked any longer!

I quickly walked over because I had a fitting for the wedding that I’ve been working on! A little bummed out that I still have to fix somethings, but it must get done! Just a few minor fixes, but a lot of hand stitching, tedious… Hopefully I can get it done by this weekend!

After everything we came home and rested for awhile! My sister quickly tended to her plants and I lounged and soothed my feet with my painful tears, ha!

20150524_172913 IMG_20150524_184617

My sister was talking to our neighbor directly in back of us! I checked on her to make sure everything was ok, my sister said that our neighbor wanted some sugarcane that was in our yard – the sugarcane grows super tall and lush, its a perfect way to have a little privacy without making it super noticeable!

I knew she asked before and I made sure to tell my dad because I knew he had one already rooting for her!! :) She was so happy~

After that I noticed that our potato leaves were starting to growing sweet potatoes! I got so excited, it was almost heart warming! We quickly dug it up and wondered how we should eat them! :p

We had Zippy’s for dinner! I was so happy because I was waiting for this moment~ :) I got a cheeseburger and fries! It was so delicious!


I tried a airmail theme since I have a lot of airmail stationary and stickers! looks ok to me! :)



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