neko atsume


Got these cuties! :)

IMG_20150523_120503 IMG_20150523_120512

I decided to repot all my new plants today~ I think I’m slowly getting better at arranging, I won’t talk too soon though, its not the best I’ve seen! :) The last of the last, but I’m happy at least these guys are different then the rest~

20150523_074445 20150523_113155 20150523_163354

Neko Atsume / ねこあつめ
A few months ago I was trying to find out what this game was called, and today I finally figured it out! :) It’s a Japanese cat game, basically you try to attract different cats with different items and you collect cats as the day goes! So far I have 4 different cats!

Apple: Neko Atsume / -ねこあつめ-
Android: Neko Atsume / ねこあつめ

How to play/translation guide:



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