clover my sick boy!


Clover hasn’t been feeling too well lately! I don’t know if it’s the new food we have been giving him… or if he has a flu-y type of bug. I noticed that he gets sick when I feed him chicken, then I realized that his new dry food that we recently bought was chicken… :c He’s back on his normal food, and Basil has the new food she prefers it anyway!

Hopefully he gets better, because I can’t keep waking myself up at 3am to take him out! Or cleaning his cage, he hasn’t made an accident in so long I forgot how it was before!



After fatal plane crash during the WWII, Olympian Louis Zamperini, tries to survive 47 days on a raft with two other crewmen. Only to get caught by the Japan navy and then find themselves sent to a prisoner of war camp. Will Louis Zamperini be able to survive?

What I liked?
I loved the fact that it was a inspirational movie! It was amazing to see how much hardships that he fought through, it’s mind blowing. I liked, how great the acting was, CG, even makeup everything looked real, bruises, wounds! I love that the meaning of this story was not only about, strength – but also about being forgiving, or finding forgiveness.

What I didn’t like?
It was a hard movie. Hard to watch most parts were violent, overwhelming – feeling the characters pain.

Overall I like historical/true stories, so this was interesting for me.



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