green tea

After Meals on Wheels we quickly came home and took care of the dogs! After eating I crashed for a good hour or so. Then I had to wake up to get ready to spend time at Ala’s to wait for my fitting with SH, for her wedding dress!

IMG_20150506_151904 IMG_20150506_151913

Me and Sberry had a green tea treat at Kulu Kulu! We had a green tea soft macaron and a green tea panna cotta! It was good! :) I love panna cotta, this one was light and had green tea jelly at the top!!


I got was these two origami sets! :) I couldn’t resist, and they were pretty reasonable! :) The dotted one was $8 which is a little pricy but the quality was good and its pretty expensive at other shops! And the floral one was $5!

We went to Disney and got beach towels!



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