IMG_20150426_152520 IMG_20150426_152547

I finally got my jeans! Found these at Old Navy! They were both on sale for $15! I’m so happy~ I felt like I was never going to find jeans!

IMG_20150426_095541 IMG_20150425_193514 IMG_20150425_192435

My sister and I went to the Fashion show! Uh, I loved the deco this year! Those trees and the lights it felt so magical! :) I seriously loved it!

IMG_20150426_162716 IMG_20150426_161025 IMG_20150426_161126  IMG_20150426_181824 IMG_20150426_181901

It was so amazing~ everyone did an great job! I wish I had brought my good DSLR camera, I just didn’t thing I would have gotten good shots, but the location was bigger this year, so much more people found an open area to stand and not get in the way!




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