Hi, lovable clover

IMG_20150424_183501 IMG_20150424_182032 IMG_20150424_182008

Clover is pretty much back to normal~ Basil is finally finished with her period, She ends within two weeks, but the scent lingers for about a month! I must remember to clean their cages at least every other week. Though, every time it gets easier – this time we trained them to use the bathroom & to eat breakfast separate! In the next six months we will be pros! :p


We got to eat at Zippys! Today they were pretty backed up~ but it felt nice to eat out! :) I got the prime cheese burger combo with fries! :)


The tale of The Princess Kaguya 

A tiny girl, was found inside a bamboo stalk, by a bamboo cuter and his wife. She grows into a beautiful princess like young woman. When she comes of age, she asks the suitors to prove their love by finding impossible gifts that they described of her. Will the suitors be able to win her heart?

What I liked?
This movie is far more powerful then the plot itself – although its hard to follow there is a deeper meaning to this story. I loved the art style, it was very different from the ‘Ghibli style.’ The movie felt as if it was being drawn on screen – most of the drawings were in a calligraphy style and it made it feel like a folk tale was being told, drawn – it had a story like feeling!

What I didn’t like?
It was extremely hard to follow, and things didn’t make sense. It could use another sit though to get the full understanding, but this movie was quite long.



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