Today I spent time with my sister at the mall! We went running around returning things and ate a little! We also tried to shop for clothing for our capsule closet that we are trying to do for next month! I didn’t find anything that I needed but I did get some cute origami~ I can’t wait to make things with this! :D

After the mall we went to the Film Festival! :) We decided to watch Granny’s Got Talent! It was so funny yet cute!!

IMG_20150418_165315 Grannys_Got_Talent-p02 

Granny’s got Talent

The movie is about Granny – or better known as Helmeoni (halmeoni, granny in korean – a meshed word hell and halmeoni put together), who is well known for her swearing. She got scouted to be in a televised contest for cursing out and insulting people. Is she hell-ish as she seems and win or will she lose the contest?

What I liked?
I liked the storyline, the plot is very short and simple but the movie is jam packed with a lot of complicating things. Also that there is never a dull moment, at least every second of this film you will be laughing!



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