Let’s Eat!


After Meals on Wheels we picked up our mom and went straight to the mall! :) It was so much fun to shop a little, I found this super cute Volcom dress at Macy’s it was originally around $40-50 and it was on sale %50 off, around $20 – but, it came out to $10! So crazy and amazing good deals~!


Let’s Eat season 2! I can’t believe they made a season 2, because that isn’t very common in Korean dramas! I loved Let’ Eat season 1 so much I got my self into a Korean drama rut for a while. I am happy that at least one of the characters (Goo Dae-Young) is the same and they did some cameo’s with the other actors ! I can’t wait to watch more and to see this newer cast!


After that we went to Panda’s! G’mon requested to go for Easter~! I had the same old, Beijing beef, long bean and chicken and chow fun! :) Yum~



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