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My sister got these cool Pentel Aquash Waterbrushes from Amazon, she got 3 in one set so she gave one to my mom and me~ :) These are pretty amazing! I love how fine and how soft the bristles are on this brush, it isn’t like a normal hair brush – it is made out of nylon it makes a big difference.

Pentel website: pentel.com
amazon: amazon.com


I also made a chart of my pens that bleed vs ones that doesn’t bleed with watercolor! It’s a good cheat sheet for me!

pens that don’t bleed:
・singo ・feel luck ball point ・sharpie ・smash pen ・plumie ・pigma micron

pens that bleed:
・paper mate ・le pen ・pilot razor


I got these coin purse clasps in the mail, from amazon! :) I’m hoping to make cute clutches with these they are about 5″ long!

Movie night! :)




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