twin stars~

Hanging out with A today! :) We started off at Ala Moana instead of our usual Ward! I already knew from the start that it was good to not walk as much as we usually do! :)


We had some coffee and sweets~ I had coffee from Starbucks and we shared this sakura panna cotta from Kulu Kulu! :) It was so good~

 IMG_20150315_204932 IMG_20150315_204908 IMG_20150315_204735

We just hit the bare minimum! We went to check out if Sanrio was open! :) They renovated their store and it looked really cute~ I’m just kind of bummed that the store was more then 85% Hello kitty and the 15% was other characters. I know its because they want to attract more tourist and Hello Kitty is more popular, but I like a lot of other characters, and it wasn’t fun to be limited. Nevertheless I found this Twin Star stationary for an amazing $3! I still can’t believe it! :p I love how they brought back those little gifties too!

I also stocked up on my much needed face masks and nose strips! :)

IMG_20150316_075313 IMG_20150316_075425

After that we went back to her house and watched Big Hero 6! :) I loved it more the second time around! She gave me some hand me downs, I loved these Betsey Johnson pouches and she gave me some of her older face masks, she said she wasn’t able to use them! :) I gladly took it! :D


– incoming –
cute penguin, sheep and puppy stationary again! :) Love how the paper matches well with the cards!


– planner –
My sisters birthday week! :) I let her choose the stickers that I decorated with!



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