After the plant sale and long after working on the garden, we went to Thai village for my sister’s birthday! I wanted Pad Thai for so long! I felt, maybe because I was super hungry last time I ate the pad thai it was really good – but this time it was very sad. I don’t really know why.

After dinner I made sure I was packed up for my BBQ with my fashion friends! I finished up wrapping my presents and headed out!

IMG_20150314_132016 IMG_20150314_152638

Two birthday packages! Both of them have watercolor and ‘happy birthday’ calligraphy on them, and lastly wrapped in tissue paper! :) I hope they like the gift!


At the BBQ one of my friends were giving away their key/cellphone straps! :) It was so cute I picked the teru teru bozu (shine shine monk – a handmade doll that prevents rainy weather – similar to an old wives tail) at first, I thought it remind me of Clara from Princess Jellyfish! :p He let me pick two so I chose this cute Hello Kitty sitting in a tree!



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