begin again

Today was my sisters birthday, we didn’t do too much! :c Just ate really yummy food that my dad cooked, and had coco puffs! We just opened presents, ate dinner and watched this movie and called it a night!


Begin Again

Begin Again, starts off with a man, Dan, a co founder of a record labeling company. He finds himself ‘let go’ and wondering the streets. He stumbles upon a bar with open mic night. He hears Gretta performing – he is quick to sign her and produce her. As they work together they form a great friendship.

What I loved
I loved how they took the day and showed each persons story bit by bit. For instance they took Dan’s day and ended when he met with Gretta, then they took Gretta’s story and led it to the meet up of Dan (I don’t know if it makes sense), well I think in easier words, the filmography was amazing and different at the same time!

The storyline and the music was impeccable! I can’t say much more about it, but this movie will make you want the album!



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