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Did a little Watercoloring! This time I tried to draw and then paint~ I feel like it came out ok~ I also made some blanks & doily ones, so I’ll be able to do some calligraphy on those!



Predestination is about, Barkeep (Ethan Hawke), a time-traveling Temporal Agent about to do his final assignment. His mission is to capture (or kill) a criminal, the Fizzle Bomber, that has ran away through time. Will he be able to catch this Fizzle Bomber or will he fail his mission.

What I liked:
I liked the fact that it was fun to guess who the fizzle bomber was… and other secrets with in the movie. The acting was phenomenal, It was a brilliant acting.

What I didn’t like:
It was a little hard to understand because of time travel and the story line was a little different. But overall it tied up in the end, and I wasn’t left confused – more I was left a little disturbed because of the storyline, I found my self continually questioning myself – why this & how would that be… It wasn’t realistic enough for me.

I gave this movie 2 points because it made me feel uncomfortable and disturbed. It wasn’t a highly sexual movie, rated G, and no nudity or anything like that… It was just plain disturbing.



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