After Meals on Wheels, we went to the glasses place to check my eyeglasses in for alterations – because my glasses is warped only on the left side and it pretty unbearable to wear… vision is really good but sometimes it picks up lights and makes it super bright and streaky. Things are in a slight fisheye effect and it makes me feel clumsy.

Unfortunately they said they couldn’t do anything about it, and maybe the eye doctor wrote in that I have a curvature… It’s frustrating, more that I know how they can fix the problem, but I guess I’ll just have to take my mom with me so she can explain it, make a eye doc appointment, or just stick with my old frames…

Soon after that my sister had a class to go to for work… she got to wait a little in town before her class! So she made me jealous and got to go shopping at the mall!


She surprised me with this cute Samantha Thavasa bear! Oh, do I love it?! Absolutely. The little embroidery looks like a S and a E, which is perfect because its like my sister and my initials! But what it really is, is a S and a T – for Samantha Thavasa! :p


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Love this page!



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