I wanted to send R a cute late valentines day/thank you card~ I love how this one came out, I even wrote her name in calligraphy for the envelope! I hope she likes it! :)


– common place journal –
All the entries I had to catch up with! I learned my lesson, I will never let it go this far! :s It was quite stressful to remember everything, and back track!


We watched The Oscars this year! Neil Patrick Harris was amazing, it’s always fun to watch him! I love to see award shows to see those pretty ball gowns, this year I loved Jennifer Lopez~


– planner –
Year of the sheep edition! :) I tried to make it sheep themed, I think it came out ok :) Loving my new washi tapes!



3 thoughts on “watercolor

    • emilee gibo says:

      Thank you! You should try and pick up watercoloring its very fun, I think you would really enjoy it too, since you have nice handwriting! :) It would be a cute addition to your snail mails! :)

      • devalayer says:

        Thank you for the kind words about my handwriting, I’ve always been a little self conscious about it, for some reason :P And I’ve actually been thinking about trying out some watercolouring, I just can’t ever seem to find the time to get the necessary tools! You might ust have convinced me though ;)

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