washi craze


Me and my mom got to go to Taj! :) We got a few things, I got one more sticker pack! I need to seriously stop and control myself! :p

IMG_20150216_210006 IMG_20150216_210039

And we also got to go to Hakubundo! I got a eraser and washi tape! :) My mom and I split a thin one that came in a 2 pack! And we shared all the tape that we got! We went a little crazy, but I’m sure my mom hasn’t gotten a washi tape that she really likes and I haven’t gotten a new one for like 2 months or so?



5 thoughts on “washi craze

      • jumpyjess says:

        If only I could! Belgium shops don’t really have much washi tape. :'( But I’m planning to order some online! Any suggestions? ;)

      • emilee gibo says:

        If you can use Amazon or Etsy you will find more affordable washi tape, but make sure you pay attention to shipping fees! Etsy usually come in packs~

        mt (a Japanese) brand is a expensive washi tape, so if you can find it less then $5 its good! This is my favorite quality!

        The Scotch tape brand is also very good, its around $2-$3 here!

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