vday brunch

Today I got to hang out with V, S and A for brunch at Califonia Pizza Kitchen! :)

IMG_20150215_160837 IMG_20150215_111034

First I went to Minamoto Kitchoan for Valentines day favors for the little vday cards I made! I originally wanted these cute 2 piece Godiva chocolates but they didn’t have it, and if I remember correctly from the website it was about $5-$7 and thats just bit too much… These Japanese treats I got was $3 and I got four so it came out to $12 in total! I love the original Ayashirabe, but I got 2 Matcha ones and one original along with a matcha mochi!

For brunch, I got a Grilled Caesar Chicken Sandwich with Tortilla Soup! We all had fun talking and stuff.

IMG_20150215_160857 IMG_20150215_161026

S gave me these Kit Kats! :) So yummy and cute, love Kit Kat’s! And A gave me this Anela tea from Lupicia the tea shop, I gave her this about a few months back as a thank you for her parents for letting me stay for dinner, she had given it back to me because they have lots of this kind of tea and didn’t want it to go to waste and she knew I wanted to know what it tasted like because I kept asking! :p

IMG_20150215_160935 IMG_20150216_112819

After brunch I hurried over to Office Depot to send a package to my friend that wanted ribbons! :) A decided to join me since she didn’t have anything to do and didn’t want to go home right away!! I was hoping and praying they allowed packages, they did, I don’t know why I was rushing so much because my parents wasn’t ready to pick me up~

So me and A went to Ward~ I went a little crazy at Taj, I got four stickers and a notebook, but it’s been awhile since I went shopping or out! :) We went to all the usual spots! Faceshop – I bought my sister a face wash and I got some masks, and Hakobundo where I got nothing! :p

After that we took A home! My mom wanted to go to Ben Franklin, I was seriously dead tired, and wasn’t so into looking for things! My mom got all the good stuff! :) She found the cutest panda washi tape! She let me have some along with other black and white tapes she had, I made a cute set with a clear plastic sheet! And I gave her some of my tapes! She thought it was so cool and adorable!


I love how it came out this week! :) I need to start thinking of a color scheme for next week! :p



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