happy vday!

IMG_20150214_135943 IMG_20150214_100257

Finally plant sales are back on! :) We got three one dollar succulents! So cheap!! :) I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them all together, but I got to repot some plants and I love my new babies! :) After the Plant sale my dad took us to Zippys! :)

IMG_20150214_123737 IMG_20150214_133401

Then soon after my dad took us to Cherry On Top! :) My moms new favorite fro-yo place! :) The actually had the flavor I wanted, it was cinnabon flavor! Then we went next door to Pet Co! We got an oscar fish, I love him he’s so adorable, we aren’t set with a name, but we were thinking; Valentino, Guy, Fuse we aren’t fully set on those names.


Clover and Basil got to eat yummy foods! This time they had Tiki Dog’s, Lahaina Luau, contents are succulent chicken on brown rice with sweet potato, crab, garlic and kale in crab consommé! It looked so good!


While feeding the dogs, repotting succulents, and getting the fish familiar to the tank my friend R sent me a cute Valentine package! :) She made the cutest triangle (party) banner with Clover’s name on one side and Basil’s on the other! :) I seriously love it! :) I love how she packages things, seriously so cute! ♡ In love with it all! ♡


For dinner we had yummy Panda’s! Gmon’s treated us! It was so good~ I’m starting to get a Panda’s obsession! I just love their Beijing Beef! :)

IMG_20150214_194713 IMG_20150215_161002

Then we got to sneak out later in the night and we got some water color supplies from Walmart!! I can’t wait to use it! And everyone is going to do it too, its going to be fun! Got these cutie hearts at Target!


PS | I hope everyone had a good Vday!


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