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Earthbound-Wii-U-eShop golden_sun_logo

I sad to say Club Nintendo is shutting down! :c I just started using Club Nintendo last year around June/July time. To me it was amazing and I wished I started earlier, but I’m excited  to see the new website and rewards site.

For the month of February they released so many games and merchandise so that users can use all their coins! I didn’t have very much coins left from the Pikmin game card case I got last, last month! I had about 470 coins left! I didn’t have enough to get newer games! :c So I got Earth Bound (a game I wanted for a long time) and Golden Sun! I hope that I enjoy both of them!


– Common Place Journal –

Trying out some script~ it’s so hard I wonder how my sister does it so effortless! :) She makes it look too easy. Even though its so pretty I don’t see my self doing this for a while! :p




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