plant nanny


My sister found a new app! :) It’s called the plant nanny! It’s not necessarily a game, but it helps you drink more water during the day! Basically you drink water, and you water the plant – and watch it grow, later on (if you collect free seeds from watching commercials, or using real money) you will be able to purchase other seeds and grow other plants; still keeping the ones you fully grown! Every one has a different goal depending on your weight and height!

Apple version: plant nanny
Android version: plant nanny

Website: plant nanny | fourdesire


I picked a dandelion as my first plant, and named him, danny! :p I hope I can keep him alive or I hope these guys don’t die! :o



Jay, the main character, is a son to a very wealthy family, despite being a little imperfect, and very much destructive – he finds him self in a predicament, needing to find a date to his brothers wedding. He meets a young psychiatric patient, Daisy, (where he does community service) who’s been raised in isolation – throughout the movie Jay try’s to convince his parents in to thinking that he’s straighted out his life.

To me, Barefoot is the adult version of Tangled, the Disney movie! Daisy is exactly more or less like Rapunzel – barefoot, isolated, a little wacky, strange and might not know how to cope with things. And Jay is less or more like Flynn Rider, kind of a bad guy, not so perfect, and a run-away.

What I didn’t like:
I had a hard time enjoying this movie because it was so stressful. There was a lot of lying and also, although Daisy was extremely fun to watch, it was difficult to not feel worried and overwhelmed.

What I liked:
I liked how the story progressed at the end, everything was put back into the right place – and ended perfectly! I think you will enjoy that too.



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