the mermaid / surplus princess

Surplus Princess 2

The Mermaid / Surplus Princess

Basically this Korean Drama is more like the original story of The Little Mermaid! In the drama Kim Han Ni, who was once a mermaid, drank a magical potion to become human! Learning that she has 100 days to find and learn (the meaning of) true love; to permanently become a human! She is put in to a Surplus (like a share house w/ roommates) house, and learn about daily life of humans, foods, and other various things.

What I love about this drama: 

➀ I enjoy the little special effects or computer graphics! This drama had lots of drawn special effects making the drama funnier, enjoyable and easier to watch! Some of the parts where almost fully animated which gave the drama a fully different feeling!

 tvn-ec9e89ec97aceab3b5eca3bc-e01-140807-hdtv-h264-720p-with22-16-14  gTpTmcN

➁ Its easy to watch, no drama – no stressing! And the story line was interesting enough to watch~

➂ Actors and actresses in this drama is more then what your asking for! Each character grows and becomes a better self! It feels good to see characters grow in to a better one! :) Plus Kim Seul Gi, is just amazing! Its always fun and amazing to watch her!

What I didn’t like so much:

➀ I didn’t like the fact that the first half of the drama was a little unnecessary, because it was a bit slow, and not important – I kinda wish they cut that a little down. But after finding out that the drama got cut 4 episodes I feel like I understand… I just wish they could have shown more of the ending, because theres still so much things that was left unfinished. And they had chances to make interesting plot twists!

➁ How cheesy it was – theres funny and theres an extreme funny that makes it end up just kind of dumb. It gets hard to watch because theres a lot of unnecessary parts that end up being kind of flat, because they tried a little hard.

What I think you will enjoy! 

 Almost every one ends up with the person you wanted them to be with! :) Honestly the main characters were more boring then the side characters! Maybe its because I might have liked the side characters more, or they might have been more interesting!

Overall this drama will constantly make you laugh!



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