kill me, heal me!


Trying to find a new drama to watch before The Mermaid/Surplus Princess ends! I was interested in Kill Me, Heal Me! It was interesting because the male lead has 7 different personalities! :) It’s fun to watch but also really stressful, since some of his other personas are not exactly good.

IMG_20150128_154450 IMG_20150128_183109

While sewing Clover and Basil was so cute! :) Just sleeping by my frets! :p It’s pretty funny because Basil has a bed too now, and she doesn’t, absolutely won’t use it – because of Clover!! :c During mine and Sberry’s walk our neighbor gave my parent some yummy Japanese snacks from their trip!~ Everything looks yummy!



To be honest, this movie doesn’t look as good as it was! :) The characters were perfect together~ It felt like the movie was very real, I didn’t feel like they were acting – maybe its because everyone had great chemistry! Chef is a uplifting and full of passion! Must, must watch!



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