What to watch?

Surplus Princess Cast

Starting a new drama, Surplus Princess or The Mermaid! This drama is from the network TvN, I really like this company/network they always have cool CG in their dramas (drawing animations – similar to the drawings on the film poster above, or cool computerized graphics animations), background music (silly noises that make the moments more noticeable yet some how realistic), or cool filmography! So far this drama has a lot of CG (like the film poster above) and some parts are fully animated! And so funny, almost cheesy funny or awkward funny! :p But, so far so good!

After liking Let’s Eat so much, I’ve been super picky on what I want to watch~


I finally figured out what to do with my planner~ I added little doodles and some stickers here and there! :) Just what I wanted! ;)



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