Dad took us to Panda’s Tea Bar! :) It was so amazing and fun! I got honey lemon black tea with honey boba, my sister got almond milk tea, and my mom got a chocolate milk freeze! Based on taste alone it was more then 10/10! I give them props for doing what they do because the tea bar is such as small area its literally the size of my bathroom… like a 2×4 room. There is more than 3 workers scrambling around.

I’ve found lots of cool games on my phone! :)


Survive! Mola! Mola! is a super adorable, funny and pointless game! You basically feed the mola fish and watch it evolve! Because the mola is so sensitive (in the game) he dies very frequently, but as he dies his survival rate goes up (and so does your money)! There is 23 ways to die and 9 growth stages! You also level up the adventurers, food, and food count as you go!


Android: Survive! Mola! Mola!
Itunes: Survive! Mola! Mola!


BeeworksGames are amazing developers! They have nintendo games and many spin offs games! If you’ve played Touch Detective you might like this one! Walk a Funghi is like Mushroom Garden and Gourmet Creature Hungry Mogumon put together! I’m still learning this game so it’s a bit confusing! But so far I know that you make food and lure different fungi’s with different types of food! There’s about 30 fungi and different to unlock and about 60+ recipes, fillings and exp to unlock and create! You also unlock parts of the map as you go!


Android: Walk-A-Funghi
Itunes: Walk-A-Funghi


Kairosoft Co, Ltd. is also an amazing developer! I always buy their games! It’s all in pixels and looks so adorable! It’s kind of like Venture Towns and Cafeteria Nipponica/Pocket Clothier put in one! Almost every game in the Kairosoft branch is amazing and a must try!


Android: Biz Builder Delux

At the moment this game is only on Andriod, they also release to Apple but its usually a few months – a year wait! If you’re waiting for this particular game and is new to Kairosoft, try out Mega Mall, Venture Towns or Dream House Days! Regardless any game you try it will be fun! :)



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