Happy New Year! Fukubukuro bags (lucky or happy bags)! Basically its a grab bag of things the shop couldn’t sell or things that they only had one of! This year instead of getting a Sprial Girl bag like how I normally do, I decided to go to Samantha Thavasa… but that didn’t happen, It was literally like black friday and I almost got trampled on. It was scary. So I went to Nature Republic instead!

IMG_20150101_102646 IMG_20150101_103116

I got a $30 and $40 bag! I got the load! Good stuff too! I’m very happy and impressed!

l IMG_20150101_120646

(left to right, top to bottom)
I got a fan and a product booklet, 2 Argan 20 face masks, and deoderant wipes, lots of samples, Botanical: Waterproof Mascara (#1 – black), Waterproof Sharp Liner (#2 – brown) and Apple Dome Blusher (#1 – pink apple), Super Origin Waterproof B.B. Cream (SPF 46 – #3 or NN5739), Snaytox B.B Cream (SPF 50 – #3 or NO5023), and By Flower Primer.


(left to right)
Provence: 3-Magic Step Eyes (#1 – pink), Marble Highlighter  (#1 – bloom peach), Gel Eyeliner (#6 – white), Long Lasting Lipstick (OR802), Blossom Lip Gloss (#1 – Glam Pink), and 2 super cute flower + pot pen!


Just a few things I’m excited to use! The eyeshadow, highlighter and the white gel eyeliner!



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