2014 recap

Happy New Year! Recap of 2014


Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.20.32 PM

TV Stand
The coolest thing this year was getting these super cool tv stand and shelves! We got these for free because we helped almost every week cleaning my mom’s coworkers place because she was going to move out! :) January was mostly movies and food!

FrozenHunger GamesGenki


photo-5 1391893115162

It was pretty cool to find these guys at random places! It’s so cute and nice to take photos with! February was so stressful, there was only a few things that I got to do!

cute ribbon design 2


IMG_20140305_211452 IMG_20140303_141246

Copper Rose
We had made a cute package for Copper Rose, It was so sweet that we got to meet her! It was very touching and a very sweet moment! March had lots of celebrations and fun moments!

Clover’s birthdaySberry’s birthdaydesign 3fish tankBBQ


IMG_20140415_103649 IMG_20140415_103312

Little Cat
Even if April was a bunch of appearances for our fashion show, I still love that we found a cat in our yard! It’s still a dream to me and quite magical! I will always love Little Cat, I hope he’s well with is owners!

Doraemon Exhibition1st appearanceStar AdKhon2Mid Week


Screenshot_2014-05-10-20-19-34 Screenshot_2014-05-04-01-07-06

C’est Si Bon HCC Fashion Show
It was my month! I still can’t believe the show turned out so well! I will keep remembering this day and will always look back on it! This was a major milestone for me, along with graduation and trying to find happiness.

GraduationHappiness ProjectHouse of Pure Aloha



Maleficent was the best movie I watched this year! I’m glad I got to see this, It was to amazing! Angelina Jolie’s acting is flawless as well as her appearance! This month was pretty random!

mail from ParisGift from R’s momgoing away party succulents ➄ finding shells at the beach



Club Nintendo
Getting Elite Status for Club Nintendo was so awesome! They give a free game, I was torn between Mother and Game and Wario! I ended up getting Game and Wario because its newer! I’ll get a chance to get Mother later! It was another random month, doing a review for Warby Parker was the next best!

Mom’s birthdaycarnival Warby Parkercute dress



My Birthday!
Seriously best birthday ever! I love having BBQ and crab! I always enjoy my birthday its always the happiest time! Over all this month was good we started volunteer at Meals on Wheels!

Meals on Wheels  ➁ lemonadehanging out with ADivergent



Pepsi Fashion Show
I was included in another fashion show! I had the fun-ist time making this garment, it came out so well for just using t-shirts! I also love it when my models look happy in the clothing that I design, she did an amazing job!

panda birthday cakegame stop aloha lemonadedvd’s fish pond



Best Day Ever
Not only did we get this super cool Crew coat hanger, we got to get Fantasy Life! And then my dad surprised us with our Christmas present, Disney Infinity! Over all october was pretty busy for me, sewing 3 jackets with in 3 weeks!

2015 plannernew house God’s Not Dead Halloween



Finding Pascal was so amazing, he was in our yard! He was so small like a baby! I still can’t believe my dad caught him! He’s still not as tame as he could be, but he still has a funny and skittish personality! He walks slowly backwards when he is scared! I went to another going away party! My sister and I went to eat at Shokudo amazing, honey toast!!

pizza party Shokudodood’s birthdayFull Circle Fashion ShowMoleskin 2015 planner



Dino Jacket
Making this for my moms coworker was amazing! I was so glad I could help, I loved this project so much! :) I can’t believe that it came out how she wanted it! I can’t wait to make another~

lunch with RMoChristmasmochipuppy post card


Until next year!


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