Today I got to hang out with A! :) We just had a chill and relaxing day! :o We went to ward first and got to do some shopping! I got some washi tape for my sister and a cute notebook for her shopping list for supplies for work! I got some pens for myself!

After that we went to Brug and ate pastry! :) It was fun to talk and hang out, it always feels like forever since the last time  we meet, it feels good to talk about worries and exciting news! :) After lunch we went looking for snacks and headed down to her house!


Her sister and brother and their other halves gave me Christmas presents! I was so shocked! I usually give them dog shampoo, just for fun – no reason, just to give! Her brother & his girlfriend gave me this super adorable panda cup! And her sister gave me a Christmas snack bag and a gift card from Starbucks!


We watched Divergent! :) It was even better the second time! I could watch this like 10 more times! :p As soon as I got home I bought the book, its very similar but better. :)



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