mochi pounding!

IMG_20141227_094418 IMG_20141227_094427 IMG_20141227_102941

Mochi pounding comes fast every year! I always say, I don’t enjoy going to this event, but if I ever miss it or if it ever stops, it would be sad! I don’t know much people that do this type of tradition and its cool to say that we do it! :) This year my dad didn’t pound mochi! The scenery is always to die for, its always lush and the farm land is always peaceful to look at!

For more information on mochi pounding read last years entry
December 28th, 2013


My mom finally got around to baking her ginger bread cookies, and darted to frost them! But her frosting was too soft and didn’t harden, I thought the cookies looked so cute and funny! :) My sister still enjoyed them!



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