merry christmas!

 IMG_20141225_115715 IMG_20141225_115810

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a great time! We didn’t have a tree this year, my sister got 2 small christmas trees from her client and friend! :) It helped to get in the spirit! I’m so happy with the presents that we got each other! :D My dad was first to open his presents – he got 4 car figures, tools, and kikida reboot dvd and tshirt! Then my grandma, we got her snack basket, and fruit! My mom was next she got a selfie button (for her phone), keurig and kcups, clinique gift with purchase pouch and christmas special! Then I made my sister open her gifts, mines was the best – cite nail polish set with news paper print pouch!


What I got:

IMG_20141225_094233 IMG_20141225_094327 IMG_20141225_094506

From mom – hello panda snack, green tea panda snack, panda socks, monkey socks, panda note pad, two Rilakkuma (aloha theme) post its, eyeglass stickers and panda stickers. From Dad – one-ton chips, $25 iTunes gift card, and Rocket Raccoon infinity action figure. From S – First Aid face wash, Naked 2 mini pallet, Samantha Thavasa Christmas snow globe, and mini Samantha Thavasa coin purse bag!

IMG_20141225_095437  IMG_20141225_095545

Then we went back to our room to give the dogs their presents… but my sister gave me with more gifts!! A super amazing Samantha Thavasa – Chantilly, its small a light pink, sparkly leather, it has a hand bag with a cross body strap! What I love about it is that its small but its pretty wide so lots of stuff could fit into it! :) Then she gave me another one! A super cute baby yellow wallet with the Samantha Thavasa logo on it! It’s very spacious and cute!

IMG_20141225_093803 IMG_20141225_093712

Then after I squealed like a young in, we opened my dogs gifts! We bought the usual, collars, dog beds and lots of cute toys! :) They where so happy and comfortable! It was much needed, especially for Basil she killed all her toys! :p


After that I opened my presents from R! :) I was itching so bad to open it! :) She got me the most cutest things! Squirrel mug, cute star candle, bottle for a succulent terrarium and her baby gave me cute Rillakkuma stickers! Loving it so much!  :) I can’t wait to use everything!

IMG_20141225_132910  IMG_20141225_115750

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


We watched Frankie & Alice during dinner! It was so amazing! Halle Berry is an amazing amazing actress!! Please watch this movie, filmography was amazing, storyline absolutely amazing, actors were too amazing! 100/10 stars! :)


Clover and is new koala friend!

Clover and is new koala friend!


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