body rubs~

3 Leaf Clover
“Clover Wants Body Rubs”


It’s been so much colder here! :o Clover has been so achey and has been so desperate to get body massages, he’s been asking me (I don’t give good body rubs)!

My dad came out side and hung out with the dogs a bit yesterday! Clover run up to him and laid on the floor, asking dad to massage him! My dad massaged him for about 2-3 mins and he said, ‘ok done!’ Clover always runs around and then comes back and lays in front of him asking again! :p He did this 3 times! :o

Then later in the night my sister came home and opened a few gifts, Clover was very curious and wanted to see! :) After we were done he laid next to my sister asking for a massage! Then rolled over for a belly rub! Then he kissed her! ;)

This comic is on Tapastic, for easier reading! Click the link for more information!
3 Leaf Clover | Tapastic

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