meet up with A

IMG_20141221_095255 IMG_20141221_110443

We got to meet up and open Christmas presents! :) She got me really cool things! Her mom gave me this super cute owl bag that she didn’t really want! :) I like it I have so much ideas for it, basket for dog toys/stuff, crafting basket, or for my sisters towels! :) Well see what it will be used for!

IMG_20141221_110454 IMG_20141221_111515

She got me a Moss + Twig, Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium Kit! I’m waiting for my sister to get off work so that we can make it together! :) I was so confused when I opened it~ but its so cool and modern, very clean and cool vibe! :) I can’t wait to set it up and put it by my shrimp terrarium! :)

I also got a cool infinity scarf! I haven’t had a for real one before, I made a few but it never looked that nice! :) I love how the lace peaks out! :) It looks so warm and comfy!

IMG_20141221_110611 IMG_20141221_110649 IMG_20141221_113612

She also got us a family present! I love love love these. Look at how beautiful these sweets are! Way too pretty to eat! :) My family was so shocked at how pretty these jelly candies are! :)



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