bee and puppycat


Bee and Puppycat is my newest obsession! This is shown on Youtube, by Cartoon Hangover! Its about a twenty-something old girl named Bee and her mysterious pet, PuppyCat, a cat that smells like a puppy! Together they go on silly adventures and always end up working at the intergalactic temp job to pay for their rent and miscellaneous things!

Bee and PuppyCat | Cartoon Hangover


I’ve also started a new drama! Rosy Lovers! It’s pretty good, so far I like the story line! And obviously the cast, most of the actors are from Marriage, Not Dating! Han Sun-Hwa (she was the second lead female), Kim Young Ok (the cute grandma), Lim Ye Jin (main female leads mom)! Whats funny is Han Sun-Hwa’s name in this drama is Jang-Mi and Lim Ye Jin is Jang-Mi’s mother in this drama! :p It’s just a silly, not important facts. But I also like Lee Jang woo (David Choi, in Pretty Man) and Lee Mi Sook (in various dramas)! I probably know more then half of the actors/actresses in this drama!

I hope this drama is good! :)



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