kimchee waffles

After Meals on Wheels we went to the supply house! :)

IMG_20141218_144228 IMG_20141218_144140

My sister got me another, Paul Mitchell, Lavender and Mint Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, since I’ve been using this for about a while now, I’ll say how I’ve been liking it! It is really good for people that have dandruff or itchy scalps! I have eczema and I get itchy when I’m stressed, the first night when I used this I was so amazed that my scalp wasn’t itchy, because sometimes as soon as I’m done washing out the shampoo out of my hair I still feel itchy! And then it lasted though out the whole day, my head wasn’t itchy – it was shocking. I told my sister I can’t believe it, is this what a normal person feels like?The scent is very overwhelming but I enjoy that minty-ness, the lavender is a great match and makes me feel relaxed and calm! No doubt it’s a 100/10!

We also got to go to DonQ! I just go some Eskinol my favorite inexpensive toner! And a super funny tooth paste thing~


I made some kimchee fried rice waffles today! :) It was so, so, sooooo good! :) I got the recipe from Youtuber, Angelaminjikim, she has other really yummy Korean style recipes – that I have yet to try! She also does makeup/fashion and other content!

Kimchee Waffles



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