lunch with R!


We got to attend a soap making class at The Face Shop! If you live in Oahu, then the Waimalu/Pearl City Face Shop holds these classes! I hope The Face Shop in your city/state holds these classes~ It was a fun experience and it was totally free!

It was easy, since they have the soap melted down and ready, we just have to pick out the essential oil and powders to add to it! The class was about 30 minutes – It took about five minutes to mix the soap and essences and about another 20 minutes for it to set! They are also very helpful, and will encourage you to make it to your specific skin type! I was a little bummed because the flyer R sent me had cute molds, roses and flowers, the soap was also translucent!


Overall it was a super fun experience! I made green tea powder with tea tree and lavender essence and R made orange peel and orange essence! I was pretty happy with my soap because I already use tea tree and lavender shampoo and body soap for my eczema! Now I will just smell like a tea tree and lavender from head to toe! :p


After that we had a really big lunch at Gyotaku! I had udon, tempura and California sushi! R got butterfish, sashimi and steamed white rice! :) It was nice to catch up, talk and gossip (a bit)! :p I was really happy to talk, we haven’t seen each other for so long, that I don’t even think I got to say everything that I wanted too! :o

We exchanged birthday and Christmas presents!


I was so excited to finally open a gift, I think I’ll be good till Christmas now! :) She gave me some lush products, I never tried this and I’m excited to see what the hype is! :) I also got a Target gift card, super cute H&M nail polish and some gold bobbie pins! :)


She even let me open a Christmas gift from her mom! It was so cute and adorable! Cutest Christmas mouse ornament, Japanese KitKat chocolates, sweets and perfume! :)


photo by R

I was so happy that she liked the cloud mobile that I made her and her baby gift! :) I was so excited to go shopping for a baby that I went a little crazy, and I was trying so hard to hold back but it was too cute to resist! :)



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